Appeal Customs Decision


This service allows customers to appeal any decision issued by Dubai Customs.

This service is the first step to be followed in order to find a way to object a decision, customer can appeal to resolve any dispute in the following areas:

  • Appeal Decisions on Customs Tariff
  • Appeal Restricted and Prohibited Goods
  • Appeal Decisions on Origin and Economic Agreements
  • Appeal Decisions on Legal Cases
  • Appeal Decisions on Suspended Duties
  • Appeal Decisions on Customs Valuation

Service Delivery Procedure

  • Submit the application through all available channels
  • Pay service fees
  • Receive customs decision
Submit the application through all available channels
Pay service fees
Receive customs decision

Service Fees

All Appeals have no charges except Legal Cases which costs AED 200
AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fees will be added on top of any service costs AED 50 and above

Required Documents

  • Justification letter and evidences that supports the appeal, and copy of the issued decision
  • In case of Legal Cases additional documents are required as below:
    • Letter addressed to the head of the appeals committee stating the situation in details and includes all supporting documents
    • Signed Conciliation Settlement Request
    • Receipt payment of 50% of the total fine imposed which should not exceed fifty thousand dirhams

Terms & Conditions

  • None

Service Delivery Channel:

Port Rashid Center - Legal Affairs Department (Legal Cases Only)
Mobile Web

Service Completion Time:

5 Working Days

Relationship Type:

From Government to Business
From Government to Individuals

Target Category:


Service Type:


Service Hierarchy:

Sub Service

Service Urgency:


Service Interconnection:


Service Limitation:


Service Delivery Time:

Available around the clock (Online and Mobile Web)
Refer to customer happiness centers working hours (Center)