A simple yet efficient service to raise new cargo delivery requests or an enquiry or cancellation of an already raised service request. 

How does it work? 
This service can be used easily by filling up the forms available in either of the tabs -- New and Enquiry/Cancellation. Please keep all the information related to the required fields handy when submitting a request.

Steps to Follow 

New Request 

  • Click on the ‘New’ tab
  • Enter your Delivery Order Numberalong with the details required in other mandatory fields in the service request form
  • Click on Submit to complete the process
  • You should receive a confirmation email post submission 


  • Click on the ‘Enquiry/Cancellation’ tab
  • Enter your Cargo Delivery Order (CDR) Number and the Enquiry Identifier in the service form
  • Click on Confirm to move to the next step
  • Raise an enquiry or cancellation request by following the steps post confirming
  • You should receive aemail post submission of enquiry or cancellation.