Want to plan your shipment operations in a better way?Are you unable to determine the right seaport for your shipment?Wish to create your own Cargo booking?Utilize Dubai Trade’s Vessel Schedule and Cargo Booking service that enables you to perform these tasks seamlessly!

How does it work?

The Vessel Schedule Search and Book tab will help Dubai Trade customers to search for vessel schedules by entering the name or code of the Port of Origin (Jebel Ali) is entered automatically) and the Destination Port. You have the option to search by Departure Date or Arrival Date too depending on what information you have. What’s more? In addition to selecting the departure or arrival date, you have the option to keep your search flexible by covering schedules up to 6 weeks (+/-) from the dropdown menu.

Creating a Cargo Booking Request from scratch is another service that Dubai Trade offers. By filling a form to provide specifics related to Customer Information, Routing Details, Commercial Details and Freight Details, you can easily raise a Cargo Booking Request on our portal.

Steps to follow

Vessel Schedule Search and Book

  • Click on the Search & Book tab
  • Enter the Port Destination and Select the Search by Departure/Arrival Date.
  • Select the +/- date option up to 6 weeks if required to expand search dates
  • Click search to see the vessel schedule

Cargo Booking
In case you are unable to find the required vessel schedule or wish to create a Cargo Booking, you can follow the below steps –

  • Click on the ‘Create Cargo Booking’ tab
  • Enter all required fields in the Cargo Booking Request form
  • Click on Submit
  • You will be notified via Email once your request is approved