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Sunday, 26 December 2021 04:29

New Year Public Holiday 2021 – Mina Al Hamriya

On the occasion of the New Year 2022, the Administrative Offices at Mina Al Hamriya will remain closed on Saturday, 01 January 2022.


The operation timings during the holidays will be as follows:


Operation Counter

(From 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

Vessel Operation

(From 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM)

Gate 2 Operation

Is remaining 24 hours


Below are the contacts details for any inquiries related to Ministry of Climate Change & Environment and Dubai Municipality:


Ministry of Climate Change and Environment:

Dr Talaat-Vet Quarantine: 0505472196

Dr Aysha Al Shaikh – Agriculture Quarantine: 0507171041


Dubai Municipality:

Dr Khalid Othman – Food trade control Office: 0565904886

Dr Omar Khawaldih –Vet Quarantine: 0507862444

Published in DP World

This is to announce that Dubai Customs is introducing new solution for Vessel and Manifest Management.

As part of this, Dubai Customs will also be implementing Mirsal-2 Declarations and Inspection for all types of goods movements through Hamriya Coastal Location.

 For Mirsal2 services via Dubai Trade online and Dubai Customs Bureau offices, Customers (both Brokers and Consignees) should ensure that a valid Mirsal2 Business Code is available. For any queries related to Mirsal-2 Business Code registration, please contact Dubai Trade (600 555554) or Customs Call Center (800 800 80)

 Mirsal-2 Declaration services shall be available through Dubai Trade On-Line service as well as Dubai Customs Bureau offices. Following are the salient features of Mirsal2 Declarations at all Coastal Locations including Hamriya.

  1. On-Line submission for New, Amend and Cancellation of Declarations;
  2. Risk based Declaration Clearance;
  3. High Priority in CDM for risk mitigation;
  4. Provision to amend / cancel the On-Line submitted Declarations at Dubai Customs Bureau offices of Coastal Locations;
  5. Provision of direct assignment of Inspection tasks to Inspectors without booking and planning;
  6. SMS to Customers on Declaration clearance, rejection, suspension etc.

 Further, Manifest Management solution has the following main features.

  1. Submission and issuance of Empty Manifest and Cargo Manifest;
  2. Auto-population of Manifest data based on declarations and vessel registration information;
  3. Provision for amendment and suspension of Manifests;
  4. Facility to re-generate manifest after suspension if declarations are modified or added or vessel information is changed;
  5. Calculation and collection of Manifest related charges through Debit Account of vessel master;

 This will also lead to de-commissioning of Mirsal-1 Declaration, Vessel Management, and Manifest services at Hamriya Location.

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