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Friday, 17 June 2022 07:05

Retirement of “Internet Explorer 11”

Kindly be informed about Microsoft’s decision to retire the desktop application “Internet Explorer 11” and to replace the application by “Microsoft Edge”. Microsoft is providing “Internet Explorer 11” mode in “Microsoft Edge” to ensure smooth running of websites compatible with “Internet Explorer 11”.


Dubai Customs “ActiveX” component is required to perform the following Mirsal2 transactions on Dubai Trade:
• To sign the “Declaration” and “Refunds and Claim” transactions using the Digital Certificate of the Customer.
• To register the Customer’s Digital Certificate with Dubai Customs using “Manage Digital Certificate” service on Dubai Trade.


Due to the “ActiveX” dependency, the above mentioned services will only work in Internet Explorer 11, hence we request for all Customers to ensure that the “ActiveX” component is installed on their computer, in order to use the above Mirsal2 services. For the guideline and further information click here.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Sea-Air Containers’ service on Dubai Trade.


The new service is implemented for customers to submit the list of containers carrying Sea-Air cargo which need to be further transshipped by Air through Dubai Airports. The Sea-Air containers list must be submitted before the vessel’s arrival so that these containers can be planned for priority discharge and stacked in a dedicated area for faster delivery. However, priority discharging will always depend on the containers’ stowage location and vessel operation program. In some circumstances discharging on priority would not be possible. All time slots shall be opened for Sea-Air containers to prioritise their delivery.


Kindly note that the ‘Transit ROW to ROW’ Customs Declaration with Point of Exit as Dubai Airports must be processed. Please ensure that the DP World charges are settled prior to the vessel’s arrival. Unless Transit Declaration is processed for Dubai Airports, containers will not be marked as Sea-Air and thus, will not be eligible for priority discharge and delivery.


The service is assigned to all Freight Forwarders. Users can request access from their admins and start uploading the Sea-Air containers lists through Dubai Trade as e-mails will not be entertained further.

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Mirsal 2 Enhancements effective from 3rd September 2021


AWB Number Validation in Declaration

In order to facilitate trade and to enhance Customs control, Customs is implementing validation of AWB Number provided in the import declaration types. It is expected that AWB information is submitted by the carrier / air cargo agents / courier companies to Customs before submission of the declaration. Initially, Customs System shall show a warning message when the matching AWB number provided in the Customs Declaration is not submitted or not found in customs records at the time of Declaration submission. However, customers shall be allowed to clear the declaration. After completion of the initial awareness period, Customs system shall not allow Declaration Submission if corresponding AWB is not submitted to Customs prior to declaration submission. All the concerned parties are requested to submit the manifest of air / courier shipments to customs promptly to avoid any impact on completing the Declaration Clearance Process.


Following are the Declaration Types in which AWB number will be validated:

• Import to Local from ROW
• Import to Local from GCC (Statistical Import)
• Import for Re Export to Local from ROW
• Import to CW from ROW
• Transit (ROW to ROW) – Inbound Transport Document Number Only if Inbound channel is Air
• FZ Transit In
• Temporary Admission from ROW to Local
• FZ Transit In from GCC and other Emirates FZ and GCC Local Market
• Courier Import
• Courier Transit
• Cargo Transfer from CTO to CH (Same Location)
• Cargo Transfer from CTO to CH (Different Locations)

Customers are advised to follow the below instructions when entering AWB Number in the customs declaration to avoid any non-compliance issues:

1. AWB number (Inbound Master Transport Document Number and House Transport Document Number) should be the same as per the Air / Courier Shipment Manifest submitted to Customs by Airlines or Air Cargo Agents.
2. AWB number format should be the same as per the AWB issued by Airlines / Courier / Air Cargo Agents.
3. In case of the Shipment that arrived in consolidation where Master and House AWB Number combinations are given in Customs Declaration, Master Transport Document Number should be entered as Airline AWB Number and House Transport Document Number should be entered as the House AWB Number.
4. Cargo Agent Code provided in the Declaration should be the same of the one who submitted the corresponding Air House Manifest to Customs. (Please note that for House Consignments, Master and House AWB combination should be given in the Declaration)
5. For Cargo Transfer Declaration Type of CTO to CH, Consolidated Airline AWB Number of Transferred Cargo will be validated against the corresponding Airline AWB. The AWB numbers starting with “CBV” (Courier Baggage Voucher) which are given in the Cargo Transfer Declarations are exempted from validating the AWB submission.


Cargo Tracking Service:

Cargo Tracking is a service provided to Importer, Exporter and Customs Broker through which they can search and view the status of end-to-end process of Customs Clearance by using the Bill Of Lading/Air Way Bill or Customs Declaration Numbers of the cargo being imported or exported through Sea, Air and Courier Air Channels excluding the Low Value Courier Import/Export.. This facility enables the customer to view the different statuses of the cargo such as request for customs clearance, customs inspection booking, and inspection completion in a single service where the customers are either importer or exporter or customs broker in the declaration clearance process. In the case of sea channel where the declaration has not yet been submitted, then importer can view the BOL details only provided that the delivery order has already been issued for the logged-in customers.

Additionally, customers can also view the statuses of arrival/ departure of the vessel or air craft through which cargo is arriving or departing, manifest submission, issuance of delivery order for sea cargo and gate pass for cargo delivery etc.

Note: The information of Vessel/Air Craft movement, Manifest submission, Delivery Order and Gate Pass shall be shown subject to the availability of information received by Customs from DPW, DNATA or EK Sky Cargo.

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In our continuous effort to achieve goals of the Dubai Paperless strategy; to reduce paper consumption and its cost to customers and for the purpose of simplifying and facilitating faster automated claim processing, Dubai Customs is pleased to announce that exit confirmation for the goods exiting through Jebel Ali port is now automatically performed through integration with DP World system.


In this regard, as part of initial phase, issuance. stamping, and submission of Exit / Entry Certificate paper will be discontinued, effective from May 01, 2021, for the goods exporting from Jebel Ali Free Zone and exiting through Jebel Ali port under FZ Transit Out movements without deposit.


In view of this, Exit / Entry Certificate paper will not be required now from customers to process ‘Non Remittance’ claims for FZ Transit out declarations without deposit (exporting from Jebel Ali Free Zone via Jebel Ali Port).


In case if any exit discrepancy is identified on claim due to exit automation and validation with DP World system, claim may be suspended and customer will be requested to provide export evidence. In such case, customer may approach DP World for issuance and stamping of Exit / Entry Certificate paper in order to furnish Exit / Entry Certificate to Customs for completion of claim processing.


Please note that, in this initial phase, Exit / Entry Certificate paper will be eliminated only for ‘Non-Remittance’ FZ Transit Out declarations without deposit exporting from Jebel Ali Free Zone via Jebel Ali Port.

Issuance and submission of Exit / Entry Certificate paper will be continued in the same existing manner for all other cases of deposit and non-deposit declarations.

Further, submission of Exit / Entry Certificate paper will not be eliminated and always be continued for the claims related to ship-stores, private berths, and bulk oil consignments even exiting through Jebel Ali Port.

You may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any further assistance or clarification in this matter.

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Please download the “Procedures for Clearance of Goods Consumed within Free Zones”  circular issued from Dubai Customs from the attachment section below for information and taking appropriate actions.

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Please download the “Procedures for Clearance of Goods Consumed within Free Zones”  circular issued from Dubai Customs from the attachment section below for information and taking appropriate actions.

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Dubai Customs is pleased to inform that Mirsal2 online services have been successfully launched for all Coastal locations (including Hamriya, Creek, Marfaa Deira) for the goods arriving or departing via coastal ports.

As part of this, Mirsal2 Coastal Declaration services are already available online at Dubai Trade for all types of goods movements (including Free Zone movements). Further, Coastal Export Manifest is now generated with auto-population of data based on Mirsal2 declaration information.


In this regard, all Free Zone companies are now informed that they should process ‘FZ Transit Out’ declaration electronically via Dubai Trade for the goods exiting through any coastal port. This is required in order to auto-generate coastal export manifest for purpose of vessel departure clearance.

In addition, while submitting declaration through Dubai Trade, all Free Zone companies must take care of the following points in order to ensure correct and appropriate generation of coastal export manifest.

  • Destination Country and Port of Discharge must be correct in declaration
  • Valid and accurate Vessel Registration Number must be captured in ‘Carrier Registration Number’
  • Following declaration attributes should be provided in Arabic if Coastal Manifest is required in Arabic format.

               o Goods Description for each HS code

               o Buyer Name in Invoice

               o Marks and Numbers

  • Goods, departing through multiple vessels, must not be declared in a single declaration. In this case, separate declarations are required whereby each declaration must contain only the goods loading on a single vessel.

If any mistake of declaration results in wrong data of export manifest, no option will be available for data correction at Coastal Customs Centers. For this purpose, declaration amendment must be submitted online through Dubai Trade.

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Tuesday, 30 June 2020 05:01

Mirsal2 Enhancements

Dubai Customs is coming up with the following enhancements on Mirsal-2 application. These changes will be available effective July 24, 2020.

  • Upgrade of Customs Services on Dubai Trade (IE11 Requirement):

Dubai Customs is pleased to announce upgrading of its services on Dubai Trade in order to provide improved customer experience and enhanced system security. For this purpose, Customers must have Internet Explorer version 11 installed on their machines in order to use upgraded Customs services on Dubai Trade. Internet Explorer version 11 should be used with the compatibility settings as disabled.

  • Upgrade of Digital Certificate Active X Component:

As part of upgrading Customs services on Dubai Trade, Dubai Customs is now publishing a new version of Active X component for IE11 which requires PC admin privileges to install. This new Active X component is required to acquire digital signature at time of submission of declaration and claims through Dubai Trade. It is also required for registration of Customer’s digital certificate with Dubai Customs via Dubai Trade. For this purpose, customers must install this new Active X component on their machines, preferably before the effective date of July 24, 2020. Please download the attached in the end of this article the detailed Installation Guide of installing this new Active X component.

  • Installation of Adobe Acrobat PDF browser plug-in for GCC Declaration Print Out:

To use Customs declaration print service via Dubai Trade, customers Must Have Adobe Acrobat PDF browser plug-in on their machines.

  • Display Net Weight of items at correct place in GCC declaration print out:

Currently actual weight of items declared in the invoice line items of declaration are printed in the Gross Weight column of declaration print. The Declaration print format is updated to show weight declared in the invoice line item at Net Weight column of the Customs Declaration print.

  • Enable Clearance Message to Gate Controller of FZs for Courier Land declarations:

Facility is now provided to automatically send declaration clearance message to Gate Controller of Free Zones upon clearance of “COURIER LAND” declarations that are going out of the Free Zones. Gate controlling authorities of free zones will now start receiving Customs Declaration clearance message for Courier land channel Declarations. This enhancement is expected to facilitate smooth movement of Courier land channel goods through free zone gates.

  • Send Importer TRN to FTA if goods moving to undesignated FZ Company from Designated FZ Company:

Change has now been made to send TRN of Importer (instead of that of Exporter) to FTA if goods are moved under FZ Transit declaration from FTA-Designated FZ Company to FTA-Undesignated FZ Company. In this regard, VAT payment accountability, towards FTA, is now with the Undesignated FZ Company if goods are moved into that free zone under ‘FZ Transfer between Dubai based FZs’ declaration.

  • Display of Expo 2020 Logo on Relevant screens and prints

Provision is now available to display EXPO 2020 LOGO on all relevant screens and prints (including GCC declaration printout) of Declaration, CDM, and Inspection if declaration belongs to Expo registered customer licensed by Expo 2020 Authority. Purpose of displaying Expo Logo is to indicate cases of providing priority clearance and relevant support to customer wherever applicable.

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This is to announce that Dubai Customs is introducing new solution for Vessel and Manifest Management.

As part of this, Dubai Customs will also be implementing Mirsal-2 Declarations and Inspection for all types of goods movements through Hamriya Coastal Location.

 For Mirsal2 services via Dubai Trade online and Dubai Customs Bureau offices, Customers (both Brokers and Consignees) should ensure that a valid Mirsal2 Business Code is available. For any queries related to Mirsal-2 Business Code registration, please contact Dubai Trade (600 555554) or Customs Call Center (800 800 80)

 Mirsal-2 Declaration services shall be available through Dubai Trade On-Line service as well as Dubai Customs Bureau offices. Following are the salient features of Mirsal2 Declarations at all Coastal Locations including Hamriya.

  1. On-Line submission for New, Amend and Cancellation of Declarations;
  2. Risk based Declaration Clearance;
  3. High Priority in CDM for risk mitigation;
  4. Provision to amend / cancel the On-Line submitted Declarations at Dubai Customs Bureau offices of Coastal Locations;
  5. Provision of direct assignment of Inspection tasks to Inspectors without booking and planning;
  6. SMS to Customers on Declaration clearance, rejection, suspension etc.

 Further, Manifest Management solution has the following main features.

  1. Submission and issuance of Empty Manifest and Cargo Manifest;
  2. Auto-population of Manifest data based on declarations and vessel registration information;
  3. Provision for amendment and suspension of Manifests;
  4. Facility to re-generate manifest after suspension if declarations are modified or added or vessel information is changed;
  5. Calculation and collection of Manifest related charges through Debit Account of vessel master;

 This will also lead to de-commissioning of Mirsal-1 Declaration, Vessel Management, and Manifest services at Hamriya Location.

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