Service Smart Workspace:


An innovative platform that transforms traditional services into unique smart user experience




  • 360° View: Complete status of operational information at a glance
  • Personalization: Ability to create templates for declarations and also mark declarations as favorite for quick reference.
  • Information: Ability to reuse data for creating new service requests
  • Productivity: Tools to enhance and monitor productivity
  • Reminders: Quick reference to remind of important tasks needing immediate attention from the user.
  • Prediction: Provide the next steps intelligently for quick service fulfillment
  • Statistics: Key statistics related to user i.e. top customers, mostly used declaration types etc.
  • Performance: Performance monitoring for the user on declaration processing time, effective use of templates and number of transactions etc.


How to reach?


Simply login to Dubai Trade Portal and find the link to Smart Workspace under Mirsal2 menu.


Smart Workshop