Dubai Customs E-Services Guides

logo_customs_vIn keeping up with the latest regarding Mirsal 2, Dubai Custom's online declaration and clearing system,  We have provided you with information and user guides' that you may find valuable in assisting you with getting started, navigating and preparing your own delcarations online. You can download them by following the links listed below. Please make sure that you check back from time to time as we will be posting updates when Dubai Customs implements them.








General Information - The literature under this category introduces and familiarizes you with the steps and processes of Dubai Customs

Customer Guide – An introduction to Dubai Customs service offerings
Travellers Guide– A guide for travellers and rules regarding personal effects
Client Service Charter– A guide to the quality of service standards of Dubai Customs

Mirsal 2 Declaration Services - These guides are helpful references relevant to Mirsal 2

Mirsal 2 Explained– An introduction and guide to the basics of Mirsal 2
Mirsal 2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)– Customers’ frequently asked questions
Mirsal 2 Declaration Types– A guide to declaration types available in Mirsal 2

Users Manuals


Mirsal 2 Declaration Manuals


Part 1 - BOE Declarations– A step by step guide in creating Export and Import Declarations
Part 2 - Cargo Transfer Requests– A step by step guide in creating declarations for bonded movement

Smart Workspace -A Step by Step guide in using the smart workspace features


Customs Registration and Renewal

Registration User Manual– A guide to help you get started and registered with Mirsal 2
Registration Amendment – A guide to help make amendments to your customs registration profile


Customs Refund and Claims

Customs Refund of Deposit- Alternative Duty Rate - this manual walks you through the process of raising a refund claim on deposits made against import for re-export and temporary adminssion  
Non Remittance Claim- This manual will guide you on how you can file for Non-Remittance Claim for Freezone Transit Out Documents.
Refund of Auction Proceeds - This manual will walk you through the steps on how to file for a refund on Auction Proceeds
Customs Refund of Duty - This manual walks you through the process of raising a refund claim on duties


Customs Inspection

Online Inspection Booking - This manual shows you how to submit/reschedule/make payments for online inspection bookings for CDM identified and cleared declarations

Adding Inspection Service – gives instruction on how the admin user (authorized person)


VCC Manuals


Adding VCC Services - This manual will instruct you on the how the admin user (authorized person) can add

VCC Request – This manual will guide you on how to create a Vehicle Clearance Certificate request with Dubai Customs

Track VCC – This is an enquiry service that allows you to track the status of your VCC request




Active X Settings- This video tutorial shows you how to enable active X on Internet Explorer in order to allow Mirsal 2 and DP World Services

Compatibility View- This video tutorial will guide you on Internet Explorer Browser settings to allow you to access Dubai Trade Services

Registration and E Payment Browser Settings- this video tutorial will show you how to adjust your Internet Explorer settings to allow Customs registration and ePayment

Customs Registration- This video tutorial will walk you through the process of registering your company and obtaining a business code with Dubai Customs. Make sure that you have set your browser's settings to be compatible for Customs registration. Please view the previous tutorial for more details and instructions on how to do this.

Business Code Renewal- This tutorial will guide you on how to renew you Mirsal 2 business code.

Adding Acknowledgent Services- This tutorial shows you how to add Acknowledgement Services into your Mirsal 2 login.

Submit Discrepancy Feedback - This tutorial will show how shipping lines can send feedback to Dubai Customs regarding mismatches in the manifest file and the discharge list. 

Customs Refund of Deposit- This tutorial will give you a walkthrough on how to file for a claim on deposit refunds using Customs' online service 

Customs Refund of Duty - This tutorial will give you a walkthrough on how to file for a claim on duty refund.