This section contains general information on trading in the U.A.E and focuses on the regulations that one must follow in order to trade within the U.A.E.


Prohibited Goods

prohibited_goodsThe document below contains the latest list of all the items that are not allowed to be imported into or exported out of the U.A.E.

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Common Customs Law of the GCC States

common_customs_law_of_the_gccThe document below includes information about the GCC Customs Law, which is the unified law for all countries under the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Unification of the customs laws and procedures in the Customs Administrations of the GCC Sates is one of the main objectives that the GCC States seek to achieve. The adoption of a common customs law , which unifies customs procedures in all GCC Customs administrations and enhances cooperation among member States in the customs field, is one of such envisioned objectives.

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Inspection Procedures at the Gold Office

logo_dmccThis document includes the inspection procedures of several types of transactions at the gold office which include:
1.  Import Transactions
2.  Temporary Admission Transactions
3.  Export Transactions
4.  Temporary Export Transactions
5.  Air to Air Transactions

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Transit & Transshipment

The link below contains information on goods that enter the country in transit or through transshipment.

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