UAE Business Environment

Economy Highlights

Painting a bigger picture is a natural approach by the GCC countries where money is well spent, both for welfare and grandeur. Saudi Arabia announced the budgeted investment plan of USD 640 Billlion over the next  20 years on housing units. Growing population of both nationals and the expatriates is triggering a natural demand for housing in that Kingdom.


UAE International Trade 2009

logo_dscThe external trade enjoyed by the Emirate of Dubai is a wide network that expands to many countries of the world. External trade reflects the commercial relations between the Emirate of Dubai and the rest of the world’s countries along with the extent of development of such relations, which assists in the establishment of studies that develop these relations.


UAE Business Activities 2008

Business activity ccounts of active establishments by various geography levels, industry classification and employment size. Statistical and analytical information is available on a diverse range of topics related to business performance and business demographics. This product is compiled from the Business Register, which is a repository of information on the Dubai business population, survey, administrative files.