Registration & Licensing

In order to be able to import/export goods to/from Dubai and do online clearance you would need to complete the following steps:

  1. Apply for a business code online on
  2. Register your company with Dubai Trade under Service center –>Dubai customs -> Registration Tools -> New registration.
  3. Fill and submit the Mirsal 2 registration request then wait for Dubai customs approval to make the payment. Once the registration payment completed,the Business Code will be generated.
  4. Get a Digital Certificate from Etisalat.
  5. You are all set to pass custom bills online.


Yes you need to have a Mirsal2 code as you will not be able to pass customs

bills in Mirsal2 using a Mirsal 1 code.


In order to get a Mirsal 2 business code, you need to fill the M2 registration Request from

Dubai Trade portal Service centre –> Dubai customs -> Registration Tools ->

New registration.

Once the registration payment completed you will be assigned a Mirsal 2 business code by them.


Yes, the Authorized person for Mirsal 2 can be different from the Dubai trade administrator.


On submission of the Mirsal 2 registration form it goes to customs for approval and you get a registration ID and a Validation code.

You can trace the status of your registration via Service centre -> Dubai customs -> Registration Tools -> Registration Inquiry.

Also upon approval you will receive a confirmation from customs along with you M2 Business Code.


You can Change that by login to Dubai Trade using the Owner user credentials ->

Go to Request -> Amend profile -> Change Authorized person service, select the

 new authorized person user then Submit the request for approval.


You can add a new user via Request -> Ament profile -> New user.

In order to register as a cargo handler, you need to login as authorized person to

Dubai Trade portal Go toRequest –> Amend profile –> View/Amend business profile

 –> Amend to add Cargo Handler Business Type.


In order to register your warehouse details, you have to login as Authorized user to

 Dubai Trade portal Go to Request -> Amend profile -> View/Amend Business Profile

 -> add Warehouse business type.

Once the Addition approved by Dubai Customs You can Add the facility information

 from Request -> Amend profile -> New Facility.


You can view / edit the company’s user via the Authorized person login Go to

–> Request –> Amend profile–> View/Amend user.


The track request service enables you to keep a track of the various requests made

By you. For example – New User request, Amend User Request, New Facility Request etc.


Amendments to your company profile can be done via The Authorized user login

-> Request -> Amend Profile -> View/Amend Business Profile -> Amend and Edit.

No, you can not register if your visa is not yet stamped.

Select importer (industrial), then click on OK then save and select exporter (commercial) then click on ok then save.

You can only have Importer (professional) business type.

This message appears in case the respective user’s details have been already registered under another company registration in Mirsal 2.

Any business that uses Dubai customs services need to register their business with Dubai Customs.

  • Copy of valid trade license
  • Passport copy of authorized person (for a new registration)
  • Undertaking letter (for professional companies only)
  • Facility registration documents in case of Cargo Handlers and Bonded warehouse Operators.
  • (100) AED for new registration + (20) AED Knowledge - Innovation Dirham 
  • (25) AED for renewal 

To apply for customs clearance letter –> Go to Dubai trade portal –> Service center

–> Dubai customs –> Request Letters and certificates.

Yes you can apply for the clearance letter online even if you are not registered with

Dubai customs.

You can apply for the letter by navigating to Dubai trade portal –> Service center –>

Dubai customs –> Request Letters and certificates -> select the letter type as clearance