Claims & Refund

The deposited amount will not returned to the credit card automatically.

Once the cancellation of an e-payment declaration is approved by customs.

You have to submit an online claim request and can be done by clicking on

Mirsal 2 -> Claims -> new Claim and select claim type as refund of deposit.

At the time of the Declaration cancelation, automatic reversal/adjustment of

Credit Account will be done and there will be no claim.

  • The importer should process another declaration which is “Import to local after temporary admission” to pay the applicable duty.
  • Then online claim request should be submitted to refund the deposit paid in the “temporary admission bill”.
  • In the online claim request the processed declaration “Import to local after temporary admission” will be considered as the Export declaration.

For Cash deposit (e-payment) the refund beneficiary will be the owner of the declaration

irrespective of whoever paid the deposit.