Digital Certificate is an electronic method of guaranteeing your identity to others when doing business on the web.


If you do not have a back up for your certificate you will have to apply for a new digital certificate from Etisalat


A.You can get a digital certificate from Etisalat. You can either apply online by following the link ->

Or you can call the Etisalat Head office – 06 5611909.

B. You have to submit the following documents for the same:

  1. Copy of valid trade licence
  2. Letter of authorisation
  3. Business User Agreement
  4. Proof of identity of authorised signatory
  5. Specimen of signature (if not provided in item 4 above)


This message appears when the digital certificate is not linked to the respective

 User-Id You can link the same via the Request -> Manage Digital Certificate service

 -> Select Certificate-> Update certificate.

The digital certificate will be submitted to customs and once approved by customs

 you can use the same to pass declarations.


Kindly contact Etisalat in order to renew your digital certificate


You will be unable to trace agent code for your consignee in case they are not registered

for M2 or you are searching with an incorrect spelling.

A Client Reference number will be useful for declarant to later trace the declaration or for serial wise filling purpose

In order to trace the suspension reason for your declaration – go to Declaration – Track Request, Search for you declaration using the track request number and click on Details. Here you will be able to view the complete reason as well as resubmit declaration with required details

Declarations with payment method as e-payment get submitted to customs for approval first. Once the declaration shows status – payment pending (means declaration approved awaiting payment) you can make payment for the same via the Declaration - e-payment service

This error message occurs when the Rotation number or the BOL number entered is incorrect.

This error message occurs when the M2 code for the consignee, importer or clearing/shipping agent has been entered incorrectly.

This service can be added to a user with (Trader representative role or Broker representative role) not to authorized person role. To add the service, Log in to the main account(authorized user ID) – Click on Request - Amend Profile - Manage Services. Choose the username you want to add this service then click on AMEND SERVICES. Select the role trader/broker then add this option as ACCOUNT STATEMENT.

In this case kindly check your facility details by login with your authorized user ID. Click on Request -> Amend Profile -> View /Amend Facility. You can register your facility from new facility option if it has not registered.

Kindly login with your user ID and click on client profile à manage digital certificate. Click on Select Certificate and click on request approval. If it is renewal, then click on Select Another Certificate. Your new certificate will be submitted for approval to Dubai customs. Once it’s approved by Dubai customs you can submit declaration.

Please be advised that the error shown below is received only on 2 occasions:

  1. If the certificate is expired
  2. If Mirsal 2 doesn’t find the certificate with the same serial number installed on the system [assuming only 1 certificate is installed].

If multiple certificates are installed on the system and customer selects a certificate with another serial number, the issue will arise as well.

You can not amend. You have to remove association first and then submit new association request.

Yes, once the bill of entry is cleared, you can apply for cancellation online.

Yes, you can install digital certificate in multiple computers if you have back up pfx file.

Amendment is not allowed if declaration is still under processing.

If the declaration is suspended, you can request to update certain information under

track request. If the declaration is approved under cleared status, you can apply for amendment online.

You will require to have M2 code, but you will not need Digital certificate if your clearing

agent is handling the submission of your declaration, but as importer/exporter,you will

be required to provide authorization for the clearing agent to clear on your

behalf, and that is done by logging in to your admin ID using N