Digital Certificate is an electronic method of guaranteeing your identity to others when doing business on the web.


If you do not have a back up for your certificate you will have to apply for a new digital certificate from Etisalat


A.You can get a digital certificate from Etisalat. You can either apply online by following the link ->

Or you can call the Etisalat Head office – 06 5611909.

B. You have to submit the following documents for the same:

  1. Copy of valid trade licence
  2. Letter of authorisation
  3. Business User Agreement
  4. Proof of identity of authorised signatory
  5. Specimen of signature (if not provided in item 4 above)


This message appears when the digital certificate is not linked to the respective

 User-Id You can link the same via the Request -> Manage Digital Certificate service

 -> Select Certificate-> Update certificate.

The digital certificate will be submitted to customs and once approved by customs

 you can use the same to pass declarations.