Manifest File is a set of Bill of Ladings gathered and generated in a text file through DPAMAN or Own software.

You can download DPAMAN software and Installation Guideline from the Dubai Trade Home Page under DP World and DP World Formats.

If the MRN may not be generated due to the following reason:

  1. All the Bill of Ladings are in Error
  2. Incorrect NOC type or Main Agent mentioned while uploading manifest
  3. Voyage NOC not received
  4. Manifest not linked in case of Split NOC

You can check Bill of Lading errors via Enquiry Manifest Status. System will display information on Total Bill of Ladings against Successful and Errors. If any Bill of Ladings found in errors can be corrected via Amend Bill Of Lading Correction Service.

Amend Manifest File service is used to change the NOC Type and Main Agent.

You have to link your successful uploaded Manifest with the Split NOC via Request Manifest NOC linking service. System will generate the MRN on successfully linking of the manifest.

LCL Delivery Location Amendment Service enables customers to amend the uploaded LCL Bill of Ladings e.g. from Port CFS to Private CFS and vice versa. You can amend the Bill of Ladings by selecting all or by selecting individual.

Bill of Lading is a document issued by Shipping Agent to the Shipper which is further forwarded by Shipper to Consignee furnishing written evidence regarding receipt of the goods (cargo), the conditions on which transportation is made (contract of carriage), and the engagement to deliver goods at the prescribed port of destination to the lawful holder of the Bill of Lading.

No you cannot amend Bill of Lading after DO has been issued, unless you cancel the DO. After which you can make amendments via the amend Bill of Lading Service and Issue a new Delivery Order.

The Amend Bill of Lading Correction service is used to amend BOL errors if any while uploaded Manifest file; whereas the Amend Bill of Lading service is used to amend the BOLs after the BOLs are successfully uploaded and available on Dubai Trade.

You can check your BOL details via the Enquiry Bill of Lading service.

Delivery Order is document issues by the Shipping Agent to the Consignee.

You can amend your Delivery Order via Amend Delivery Order service.

You can amend the Delivery Order Validity Date, BOL’s, Clearing Agent and Remarks.

Note: Delivery Order can be amended only before the Bill Of Entry / Declaration is processed.

You can trace the created Delivery Order via the Enquiry Delivery Order service using the MRN number. This will give you a list of all Delivery Orders created against that MRN. Select the required Delivery Order to view and take the print out.

You can cancel the Delivery Order if the Bill of Entry / Declaration is not processed.

Amend Delivery Order Extension service is used to amend the validity date By individual container only after processing Bill of Entry / Declaration.

You can issue Voyage NOC and Split NOC using the service Request NOC Creation.

There is no option available online to amend agent in any types of NOC. You will have to cancel the current and create a new NOC.

You will not be able to cancel the NOC if MRN is generated for the NOC receiver agent. First MRN needs to be cancel by the NOC receiver than system will allow you to cancel the NOC.

This service is used to amend the validity date of the Split NOC on container level.

DP World Payment service enables customers to pay port charges online.

You can get report on all your statement using service DP World Payment Report. This report gives you detailed information e.g. Document Type, Document Number, Paid Date, Paid By, Payment Mode, Receipt Number etc. along with print e-Receipt facility.

DP world Payment History service gives you details of all your payments done against the particular document along with e-Receipt print facility. This service can also be used for all your payment related enquiries.

You can make changes to your Booking Reference via the Amend Container Request service. Here you can amend details like the Instruction Type, Expiry Date, No. of requested containers etc.

e-Token is an online service that allows the Hauler to plan the movement of containers from and to Jebel Ali Port as per the pre-selected time-slot.

e-Token can be generated by Haulers, Traders, Clearing & Forwarding Agents and Shipping Agents having access to Dubai Trade portal.

Agent Reference Number is given by the Shipping Agents at the time of creating a Container Request. Dubai Trade generates DPW Reference Number after successful submission of Container Request. Customers can use either Agent Reference Number or DPW Reference Number to search containers and nominate Haulers in order to enable them to generate e-Token.

OTO is Oil Terminal Operator. Shipping Agent does the mapping for the Bill of Ladings that they uploaded with their respective Terminal Operators.

This service enables the customers (Traders & Clearing Agents) to nominate Haulers against their Customs Declarations; Delivery Orders or Container Requests issued in their favour. Nominated Haulers can then create e-token for the subject containers. Customers can nominate either total containers or individual container against each of the above documents.

Yes, you can assign multiple BOL’s to one OTO via the OTO mapping service.

Yes, you can generate e-Token even without Hauler Nomination.

You can trace the status for the OTO mapping requested via the Enquiry – OTO Mapping service.

This service allows customers to select a Hauler of choice such that the chosen Hauler is nominated automatically for all their Customs Declarations, Delivery Orders & Container Requests.  Customers can change or cancel their Preferred Hauler at any time.

The Oil Terminal Operators declares the Statement Quantity as soon as the vessel completes their operation.

You have to present the original Mulkiya/Registration card of the registered truck along with photocopy to the Documentation Section. After verification the subject truck will be approved.

Possible reasons could be:

  • Truck not Registered
  • Expiry of Trade License or Truck Registration
  • No nomination from the Trader
  • Port charges not paid
  • Container not discharged
  • Expiry of Delivery Order validity date
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag not fixed
  • Customs Inspection formalities not completed
  • Container is flagged with Inspection by any Statutory Authority.

Yes, you can renew the Registration & Insurance details online but you have to present the original Mulkiya/Registration card to the Documentation Section for obtaining approval.

No, you should register trucks which are under your Trade License only. Even though the S