There will be 6 awards under this category as following:
      1. Smart Services Award for M-Token Services
      2. Smart Services Award for Free Zone Service
      3. Smart Services Award for Clearance Services – Customs Broker
      4. Smart Services Award for Clearance Services – Trader
      5. Smart Services Award for Payment Services
      6.Electronic Services award to Shipping Agent for General Cargo Service    
Award Criteria

This year, the winners are chosen based on a criteria that reflects the highest increase in business transactions with the following conditions:

1. Company should be registered with Dubai Trade Portal
2. Calculations based on growth mobile transactions in comparison to online transactions

Key Services

M-Token Services
Haulier Nomination Amend New
Haulier Nomination Request New
e-Token Generation
Free Zone Services
Jafza Letter Request
Jafza Employment Visa New
Jafza RP Renewal
Jafza RTA Letters
Jafza Offshore Letters
TP Employment Visa New
Jafza EP Can Unutilized
Jafza Registration Letters
TP RP Renewal
TP Letter Request
DCZ Employment Visa New
DCZ RP Renewal
Jafza Attest of Comp Rep Cards
Jafza Visit Visa New
DCZ Letter Request
Jafza RP Transfer to New Pass
Jafza RP Renewal JT Change
Jafza RP Renewal with EC Amend
Jafza RP Correction
Clearance Services
Request for Customs Declaration Clearance
Request for Customs Opinion
Request for Guarantees / Deposits Claims and Refund
Request for Inspection Booking
Smart Workspace
Payment Services
DP World Advance Deposit
DP World Prepaid Card
Shipping Agent
General Cargo e-Services

Dubai Exports Awards

Dubai Exports, an Agency of the Department of Economic Development, Government of Dubai, is committed to working with organizations in Dubai and the UAE to grow exports on a world-scale. By recognizing high achievers, the experiences and successes can be shared within the export industry which will ultimately contribute to the economic development of the UAE. The awards will also assist to further develop public awareness of the export industry in Dubai. The success of the awards will ultimately benefit the economy in Dubai and the UAE and by highlighting those successful businesses, it will encourage more to explore the opportunities.
The Dubai Export Awards celebrate the success of UAE exporters by recognizing and awarding organizations that have demonstrated innovation, best practice and outstanding export / re-export achievement in Dubai and the UAE. Award categories in 2018 are as follows: